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Lightning Arrester

  • Porcelain Lighting Arrester(export Type)

    Porcelain Lighting Arrester(export Type)

    Nominal discharge current 5kA porcelain housed metal-oxide lightning arrester with series gap(export) Type Rated voftaga kV(rms) Mmdmum continuous operattonvotaga KV(rrm) Spartover voltaQe(kV) UghtnlnQ curront impdee kV(M Squarewave currertfriYxise vMhBtand A(g High current impuba kA(cfe«t) Power frequency >kV(rms) Lighting current >kV(crest) Y5C-3 3 2.55 5.0 7-8 9 100 65 Y5G5 6 5.1 1D.0 [&6 18 100 65 Y5O0 9 7.65 16-5 24v5 27 100 65 Y5C-1...
  • Zinc Oxide Lighting Arrester (export Type)

    Zinc Oxide Lighting Arrester (export Type)

    Usage& Feature The Zino Oxido lighiing arrester protects tfie electrical equipments in AC power systems against being damaged by atmos-pheric ovor- voftage and operational over-voltage Nominal Discharge Current 5kA Metal-oxide Lightning Arrester Without Gaps(export)   Type Rated voltage kV(rms) Maxknum continuous cpersficnvoftaoe kV(rms) Max, Reeldual votlage Square wm curont impulse withstand A(cresf) High current impulse kA(cresf) Steep current knpLfee kV(creat) ...
  • Insulating Mounting Bracket

    Insulating Mounting Bracket

    Installation Method Instruction 1. Arresters with the Voltage grades of 36kV or under shall be installed with insulation bracket. That’s to say , the arrester is fixed to the Intended Installation place with the Insulation bracket and the disconnector Is Installed on the lower connector terminals of the arrester. The earth connection applies weaved annealed copper wire with the length of about 250mm to ensure enough insulaiion distance when departing from the arrester body. Attention sh...
  • Discharging Counter monitor

    Discharging Counter monitor

    General JS>8.JSY-8 discharging countsr(hereinatter short as*countera)is connected under the arrester in serial.tt is used for recoding 1he operation times of arrester,JS8 type is applied for 6KV-220KV arrester. Bie environment ccndtion shall meet the requirement required by arrester.for exam pie ,the altitude doesn’t exceed 4000m,the environment Is -40X- +40°C. This counter cant be put In the place that Includes gas eroding metal and Insulation parts, serious pollution and drastic vi...
  • TLB Disconnector

    TLB Disconnector

    As a special supporting product for arrester, the disconnector is series connected with arrester. When ihe arrester comes across any fault, it would operate quicWy and let the failed arrester disconnect from the power grid, meanwhile, it would give obvious disconnedion symbol, so that tie mar> tenance personnel would find the point of failure and change the arrester in time. On the ottier hand, when the arrester works normally, disconnector does not work and is under low impedance state, ...
  • Three-phase Integrated Over-voltage Protector

    Three-phase Integrated Over-voltage Protector

    TBP-85type up to and include 10kV used in cabinet TBP-100W1 type up to and include 10kV used in outdoors TBP-131 type up to and include 10W used in cabinet Tbp-100w2type up to and include 10kv used in outdoors TBP-150 type for motor neutral point protection TBP-200 type 35kv used in cabinet TBP-310 type 35kv used in cabinet TBP-400W1 type 35KV used outdoors TBP-630W2 type 35kv used outdoors
  • Combined Type Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester (over-voltage Protector)

    Combined Type Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester (over-voltage Protector)

    General Piree-phase combined type combined overcoat zinc oxide lightning arrest, one kind of naw type protecting elsctric equipment for protecting the Insulation of electric equipment term over-voltage harm Jt restricts the over-voltage among phases effectively while restricting the over-voltage between phase and ground .It Is wrdely used for protectlno vacuum switch .rotating electrical machines, parallel connector compensation capacitor ,power plant and transformer substation and eo on. The...
  • Drop-out Arresters

    Drop-out Arresters

    Model Descripition Electrical Parameter Table of Product   Type RaJinfl votageaf syrtgm kV(r.mji) Rating voltage of llghtnbig arrestar kV(r.m.«) Continuous operating voltage kV(r.m.s)  DC reference voitaoa (U1mA) <kV LfiakAge currwrt under 0.75U1mA 屮 under the hwoftfutier >kV Rewduai voltaoge inderoFMitiiig impact curmt  Square wave throuatifiow C8p9cfty(2jns) High current Impact withstand AppDcationLocaiion YH5WS-10/30DL 6 10 8.0 15.0 30 26.8 3...
  • Zn Oxide Arrester Of Power Station Type

    Zn Oxide Arrester Of Power Station Type

    Service condlton Type MOA Rated voltage kV System nominal vohag® kV Continaus operatlori voitag« kV DCMInUlmA reference vottage kY> Rssldual voltag^KV)^ Squarewave current br|Mte wTOistand A High currant Impulse kA Stoep orrent imputse Ufifttnlno ctmom hpdse Swlichlng cunwit impulse Substation  YH5WZ-3.8/13.5 3.8 3 3.2 7.2 14.5 13-5 11.5 200 65 YH5WZ-7.6/27 7.6 9 4.0 IM 31 27 23 YH5WZ-KM27 10 6 a.o 14j4 31 27 23 YH5WZ-...
  • Porcelain Housed Metal-Oxide Surge Arrester

    Porcelain Housed Metal-Oxide Surge Arrester

    MOA type Nominal voltage KV (rms) MoaR.V kV (rms) MCOV kV (mw) DC (U1mA)<KV (P) Nominal residual voltage >KV Rectangular cunrent ImpulM (2ms) A Weight H(mm) Remaik Y5WS1-3.0/17 3 3.8 2.0 7£ 17 75 2.0 205 Dfetrib- uton type Y5WS1-7.6^0 6 7.6 4.0 15 30 75 2.4 205 Y5WS1-12.7/50 10 12.7 6.6 25 50 75 2.7 246 Y5WS1-5.W17 3 5.D 3.5 7.5 17 75 2.0 205 Y5WS1-10/30 6 10 7.0 IS 30 75 22 206 Y5WS1-17/50 10 17 11...
  • Zn Oxide Arrester Of Distribution Type

    Zn Oxide Arrester Of Distribution Type

    MOA type System rater voltageKV(ms) MoaR.V kV (rms) MCOV kV (mw) DC (UlmA) <kV (P) Steep current impulse>KV Lighting current impulse>KV Switching current impose Rectangular current impulse (2ms) A High current Impute KA YH5WS-3.8/15 3 3.8 2 7.5 17.3 15 124 75 40 YH5WS-5/15 3 5 4 8 17.3 15 12.8 100 B5 YH5WS-7.6/30 6 7.6 4 15 34.5 30 25.5 75 40 YH5WS-1CV30 6 10 8 15 34.5 30 25.5 ...
  • Zn Oxide Anester Of Low Voltage Type

    Zn Oxide Anester Of Low Voltage Type

    MOA typ System rater voitag kV(ma) MoaR.V kV(ms) MCOV kV (mw) DC (U1mA) vkV(p) Steep current impulae >kV lighting current Impulse >kV DC (U1mA) <kV(p) Rsctangular current Impulse (2ma)A High current ImpulM kA YH1.5W-G^a/1.3 0J2 0.28 0.24 0.6 1.3 75 25 YH1.5WQ5/2.B 0-3S 0-5 0.42 12 2.6 75 25