2019 Russian Exhibition

GHORIT has attended exhibition in Moscow in 2019.

Exhibition Name: Electrical networks of Russia-2019

Exhibition time: December 3-6, 2019, the exhibition period is 4 days

Location: Moscow Exhibition Center, GAO VVC, Estate 119, Mir Prospect, Moscow, 129223

In 2016, the total Russian electrical equipment market was about 1.8 trillion rubles. According to data from the Russian Ministry of Energy, more than 60% of electrical equipment exceeds the service life.

In Russia, more than half of the power generation equipment is still in operation for more than 30 years, and about 60%-80% of the transmission lines in the transmission grid are seriously aging. According to estimates by the Russian Federation Grid Corporation, in the next 10 years, the amount involved in the transformation of the transmission grid will reach 100 billion U.S. dollars.


3. Exhibition scope:

Power grid engineering, power transmission and distribution equipment, power grid automation equipment, distribution network automation equipment, power transfer systems, power system software, ultra-high voltage transmission and transformation equipment, transformers, high, medium and low voltage switches, switch cabinets, urban and rural power grid construction and transformation related equipment, etc. .

Grid operation equipment insulation online monitoring device-, distribution network operation control equipment, grid system monitoring equipment, substation remote monitoring system., melting (de)icing system, reactive power compensation device, reactor, high voltage bushing, lightning arrester, insulator, Grounding device, relay protection and automation

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Instruments and meters, electric energy meters, wires and cables, bus ducts, insulating materials, motors, relays, capacitors, circuit breakers, contactors, inverters, high, medium and low voltage electrical appliances, building electrical, power electrical products, various power supplies and power protection technologies, Power-saving technology and equipment, various box-type stations, power maintenance tools, electric power special construction vehicles, small power generation equipment, diesel generators, electric heating equipment, etc.


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