Boosting Safety and Reliability with GVG-12 Series Solid Insulation Ring Main Unit Cabinet

In today’s rapidly developing world, the need for efficient and reliable electrical power infrastructure is very important. In order to meet these requirements, GVG-12 series solid insulated ring main unit has become an excellent choice. This fully insulated, maintenance-free switchgear uses cutting-edge technology and superior insulation to keep equipment and operators safe while ensuring reliable operation even in harsh environments. Let’s delve into the salient advantage of GVG-12.


Powerful functions guarantee security:

GVG-12 series solid insulation ring main unit is designed to provide excellent protection against any external factors that may affect its performance. All high-voltage live parts are cast with high-quality epoxy resin materials to get excellent insulation performance. Moreover, the vacuum interrupter, main conductive circuit, and insulating support are seamlessly integrated to form a fully insulated solid unit, ensuring reliability.


Excellent adaptability:

GVG-12 series RMU is designed to meet the various needs of different environments. GVG-12 series solid insulation ring main unit has compact structure, convenient installation and flexible operation. With an impressive protection grade of IP67, the GVG-12 Solid Insulated Ring Main Unit can operate effectively even in environments where it may be immersed in water. This versatility and resilience make it ideal for a wide range of application. It is also customized for challenging environments such as high altitudes, extreme temperatures, humidity, severe cold and heavy pollution. The product not only guarantees safety, but also minimizes environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for modern power infrastructures.


Innovative design improves reliability:

GVG-12 series solid insulated ring main unit adopts modular phase-to-phase isolation structure, which can effectively prevent phase-to-phase short circuit. This design innovation ensures that the network remains secure and operates seamlessly, providing uninterrupted power supply.


Redefine security standards:

A major advantage of solid insulated switchgear is the absence of SF6. By excluding SF6 gas, the risk of explosion accidents caused by the decrease of insulation and arc extinguishing ability due to insufficient gas pressure is completely eliminated.  The GVG-12 series adopts a vacuum interrupter with explosion-proof performance, which strengthens the safety measures of equipment and personnel.


Reliable Five-Prevention Interlocking System:
To guarantee the safety of inspection and maintenance personnel, the GVG-12 Solid Insulated Ring Main Unit incorporates a “five-prevention interlocking” mechanism. This system effectively interlocks the circuit main switch, isolating switch, grounding switch, and cabinet door, minimizing the risk of accidents during maintenance operations.


In conclusion, GVG-12 series solid insulation ring network cabinet is a revolutionary solution to enhance the safety and reliability of electrical systems. Its advanced features such as full insulation, modular design, and elimination of SF6 have set a new benchmark for switchgear technology. Designed for modern power distribution projects, this exceptional product ensures seamless operation and uncompromising safety in every environment.



Post time: Sep-08-2023