Revolutionizing power distribution with integrated vacuum circuit breakers

Vacuum circuit breaker

Integrated vacuum circuit breakers (VCBs) are a game changer in power distribution systems. This advanced technology incorporates innovative features to ensure efficient and reliable performance. With its integrated design, side mounting, isolating switch, grounding switch and interlocking mechanism, integrated VCB will revolutionize the way power distribution is handled. In this blog, we’ll delve into the product description and highlight its excellent features.

The integrated VCB has an impressive range of specifications. The working voltage is 12KV, the current range is 630-1250A, and the breaking capacity is 20-31.5KA. This compact and space-saving circuit breaker is designed to fit in cabinets with a width of 500mm, making it ideal for installation in a variety of environments. Its patented technology ensures optimal performance, while its rugged sealing technology guarantees superior safety and longevity.

One of the outstanding features of the integrated VCB is its output terminals with non-contact live display sensors. This revolutionary addition provides a clear and reliable indication of circuit breaker status, eliminating the need for physical inspection and reducing the risk of accidental contact. In addition, the adjustment-free design of the cabinet door simplifies maintenance procedures and provides worry-free operation.

Integrated VCBs offer numerous advantages to those in the power distribution industry. Its integrated design minimizes the need for additional components, reducing installation costs and improving space utilization. Additionally, side mounting capabilities allow for flexibility and ease during installation and maintenance. The combination of interlocking mechanisms ensures excellent protection against overload conditions, thereby enhancing the overall safety of the system.

The integrated vacuum circuit breaker is a technological marvel that will change the power distribution landscape. It integrates side mounting, isolation switch, grounding switch, interlocking mechanism and other functions into one, bringing unprecedented convenience and efficiency to the electrical system. With its impressive specifications and innovative design, this circuit breaker is able to meet the demanding needs of modern power distribution networks. Integrate integrated vacuum circuit breakers into your system today and embrace the future of power distribution.

Post time: Nov-20-2023