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What is a box-type substation? What is the difference between European style and American style?

I believe that everyone is familiar with box-type substations, but there are also many old electricians who have a lot of doubts. In addition to the above differences in appearance and functional use, what is the difference between European and American style in the end, I believe that many old electricians have I'm not sure, today I'll give you a popular science, the difference between European style and American style.
The unified name of the box-type substation that everyone knows is called a pre-installed box-type substation.
First of all, the difference between the European style and the American style is very different in appearance. The European style substation box is larger, while the American style substation is smaller, but both have advantages and disadvantages. The European style is more in line with the needs of the environment and is relatively outside. The safety factor of the shell is higher, and the American box is almost an enlarged version of the oil-immersed transformer, because the American box is very heavy and cannot be moved, and it is not as flexible as the European box, and the American box is relative to the environment. The aesthetics are slightly lacking, and it is time-consuming and costly to maintain than the European-style box.
European-style and American-style products have different product structures and different components. The form of American-style box-type transformer wiring is one or two lines. The main components in the box-type transformer, transformers and ring network switches, high voltage and low voltage have almost become American-style box transformers. The important components of the box, but the European box is different. The European box can adopt different specifications and models according to different use environments, customize different product attributes, and the use environment is more user-friendly, but the cost will increase accordingly. The large size is not conducive to installation. For cities where land is expensive, European-style substations are very disadvantageous. However, European-style and American-style substations have their own characteristics. According to different use environments, different substations are used, which can take into account the effectiveness of the environment. Unified, and can ensure the use and safety, this is what we power engineers should do.

Post time: Nov-12-2022