Why Choose Environmental Protection Cabinet

In today’s world, environmental protection has become a top priority. Industries are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions that not only maximize efficiency but also minimize their impact on the environment. One such innovation is the environmental protection cabinet (GHXH-12), a robust power supply and distribution equipment designed to embrace eco-friendly practices. This article will discuss the key features and advantages of this cabinet, explaining why it is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals and businesses.


The environmental protection cabinet (GHXH-12) is designed to serve as the main circuit power supply and distribution equipment of the 12kV primary system. What sets it apart from other cabinets is its use of dry air insulation or nitrogen as the main insulating medium. Unlike traditional cabinets that rely on sulfur hexafluoride, this cabinet is green, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. By eliminating the use of harmful substances, it plays a crucial role in preserving our planet.


One of the remarkable features of the environmental protection cabinet (GHXH-12) is its composite insulation structure. With a combination of solid insulation and internal vacuum arc extinguishing, it ensures optimal safety and performance. Each unit is equipped with an independent air box design, allowing for flexible splicing and combination. The cabinet connection utilizes a standard silicone rubber touchable dry main busbar on the top, ensuring secure and efficient operations.


To cater to the specific needs of customers, the environmental protection cabinet offers versatility in configuring the internal vacuum arc extinguishing chamber. It can be encapsulated with epoxy solid sealing technology to house a circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber or a load switch arc extinguishing chamber. This adaptability enables businesses to choose the optimal setup that aligns with their requirements.


When it comes to safety, the environmental protection cabinet doesn’t fall short. It features a three-position isolating switch, which is installed on the bus side. This switch is designed to provide maximum protection and minimize risks involved in the system. Additionally, its metal box protection grade is IP65, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability in all conditions.


Space efficiency is another advantage offered by the Environmental protection cabinet. Its compact shell design allows for significant savings in floor space. This is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in limited areas where utilizing space optimally is crucial. Despite its smaller size, the cabinet doesn’t compromise on performance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between functionality and space utilization.


Furthermore, the environmental protection cabinet offers expandability. Multiple groups of connections can be made for expansion, facilitating scalability as business needs evolve. This adaptability is particularly advantageous in industries where growth and change are integral parts of operations.


To summarize, the environmental protection cabinet (GHXH-12) is an excellent choice for those who prioritize environmental protection. Its use of dry air insulation or nitrogen as the main insulating medium, along with its solid insulation and vacuum arc extinguishing technology, ensures a green and pollution-free solution. The cabinet’s adaptability, safety features, and space efficiency further enhance its appeal. By choosing the environmental protection cabinet (GHXH-12), individuals and businesses can play an active role in safeguarding the environment while enjoying reliable and efficient power supply and distribution.

Post time: Oct-05-2023